Topic: The impact of a pandemic on business women


We will show the indisputable benefits of women in business, ways to support them and their benefit for companies and society as a whole!


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Program started in March 2021 in co-operation with Institute of Internal Communication and Dana Poul Graf.


When you are 50, you are only halfway through your adult life. You still have 30 years ahead of you, and yet those around you are beginning to perceive you as a problem. At the same time, in companies there is the same amount of people 50+ like millennials and they are supposed to be the most experienced part of the company. In addition, they are the most creditworthy customers. And yet/surprisingly almost no one deliberately pays attention to it!

Think tank Introductory topic in this area: 50+ as employees

What is the benefit of 50+ in business? Are we so simple-minded that we cannot use their potential and enrich our companies? What is the snag?

Program begins on May 26th, 2021 by an online event, where we will present initial meta analyses on 50+ employees. You can register here. 



For us, the Magnoli Think tank is a way how to prove that diversity and natural balance are not just cliche, but a natural way to the effective functioning of companies and individuals.

Magnoli Think tank are working groups of experts from various spheres - business, institutions and academy. Together they formulate ideas and concrete, practical solutions for the implementation of diversity and balance in companies.

For the first time, the Magnoli Think tank is dedicated to People 50+ and Women in business. It has been proven that (not only) in business, these groups often provide more realistic and productive solution than is actually perceived. Still, their acceptance is not easy at all.

  • 50+ as consumers with specific needs

  • Who and what really inspires women in business?




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