Inspirational people who live an interesting and diverse life. We want to draw attention to those people without whom ordinary and working life would not be as good and to those, who may not always be visible.

They are all those people who spread the subjects of diversity and natural balance with their own activity, expertise and personal support, not only in their private life or companies and institutions but also in the general public. Maybe you are one of them. Magnopeople are simply the ones, who will be spreading magnolization - what is it? Read on.


Magnolization as a proces is our way of moving Czech society to greater diversity and natural balance in business as well in everyday life.

We raise awareness (by stories, inspirations, arguments), we open a public discussion and translate everything into a language, which is understandable not only to business but also to the general public.

We implement and support changes in the business and the whole sociaty. In the form of pilot projects, implementations, sharing of results, conclusions and practical recommendations.


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